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Your Miami Valley
This site will serve as the new community site taking over for, the former community site. This site will cater to the Miami Valley Ohio region and feature several different sections enabling local citizens to get the most out of their community.

Miami Valley News will be a complete resource to other local news affiliates via RSS feeds for Local News, National News, College Sports, Pro Sports and a useful resource for all those weather enthusiast, a weather outlet displaying an hourly updated 7-day forcast around the Miami Valley. Also, this section will also feature at the top of Local News, the lastest 5 news stories submitted by our local civic offices, churches or organizations with a link to an archive displaying the most recent news backward to a month previous.

Miami Valley Community will encompass all the local civic offices, organizations and churches in the Miami Valley in an easy to use directory searchable by category, county or keyword search. These local organizations will be able to provide organization news, upcoming community events featured right from their detailed directory listing making it the most comprehensive local community directory in the area.

Miami Valley Business will comprise of detailed business listings organized in an easy to use directory sortable by category or county. Also, this section will feature business news and events happening around the Miami Valley. These news articles could be helpful hints and tips from those s[pecific companies industry to notices, announcements, ect. The events section of this site will feature any business having an event open to the piublic whether it be a sale, special, open house, meet and greet, ect.

Miami Valley Discounts will consist of a large variety of coupons or discounts provided by the local business communtiy to enhance their marketing efforts and draw in a specific target market, their local market. This is a customizable marketing solution that allows businesses to focus their marketing on certain services or goods that they provide. In exchange, the site user will be able to clip this coupons by adding whatever coupons they see useful to them into a little shopping cart type feature, that then allows them to print off, only the coupons that benefit them, saving both time, paper and ink. This will be a very convenient service for both businesses and consumers looking to find good deals in the local community.

Miami Valley Classifieds will be an extensive guide to items for sale in the Miami Valley through a comprehensive directory featuring several popular categories: Real Estate, Automotive, Help Wanted, Goods for Sale, Services. Businesses that feature a large dose of these categories such as a real estate company will be able to buy a package that allows them to post unlimited ad space, while individuals in the community who sign up to be a member of the site (free of charge) will be given 1 classified they can activate and deactivate as they have something to sell or offer.

Miami Valley Tourism is going to feature a complete look into each county's unique history, famous people, places of interest, parks, monuments and so much more. Take a historical journey though the great Miami Valley and learn about the rich history that surrounds you every day that you may not have known about. Full historical facts, stories and pictures will be available and easily made into an itinerary to take your own adventure into our past. This section will have a complete list of local museums and historical landmarks making it a must use resource for schools planning field trips.

Miami Valley Entertainment will be a section that features all the best the Miami Valley has to offer in entertainment, from movie times and locations, to plays, concerts, festivals, golf courses, museums, night clubs, restaurants with full restaurant menus (easy to print off and store on your refridgerator or in your work desk drawer), ect. This section will also provide all those imporant dates related to these topics of entertainment and how you can get there through maps and directions. Perhaps you would enjoy making an itinerary for a night of several locations or stops, or perhaps create a fun and useful itinerary for a weekend getaway in our beautiful Miami Valley. This section will also feature a comprehensive hotel guide to help you find a place to stay nearest all your desired activities.

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